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3/15/22 Significant [loving] Warning Dreams for RP Worship Department

Dear team,

As we approach the recording of our album in just over a week, I believe that the Lord is speaking clearly to us as a team.  These two dreams happened within several days of each other without these people speaking about it, and it is clear to me that the Lord is warning us and reminding us that how we walk with one another is a priority in His book.  

Exposure exposes.   We are about to expose ourselves through this album recording on a regional, national, and international level.  In the process and by His grace, the Lord is exposing areas that we need to deal with.

Both of these dreams have do do with foxes and both of these dreams have to do with the tongue.  There are multiple situations right now within our team having to do with poisonous slander, gossip, negative talk about past RP recordings, mockery of guest ministers, talk against RP leaders, and more.

I want to ask each of you to carefully read these dreams, sit with them, pray about them, and most importantly, ask the Holy Spirit what He is speaking to YOU about them.  For many of us, this is a call to repentance.  For many of us, there is reconciliation and forgiveness that needs to happen between team members.

I feel the joy, excitement, and anticipation from the Lord's heart over this album.  I feel that He is pulling for us and cheering us on.  And I feel that it is from this place that he has given these dreams to us, as a loving warning , so that as we move into next week this album will be what it is supposed to be.

In much Love,



Dream # 1: Jeremy Ciotola

(RP Worship member) and I get in the car and he/she is driving. I ask where we’re going and they says we’re going to help (Other RP worship leader) with his/her album. While we’re in the car I asked “how is it going? Have you heard it?” He/She says “it’s good, but you know what I heard about how that person is and what they struggle with, so it comes out in the song.” I was deeply wounded to hear that the person I was with had heard something about the person we were going to see and that their opinion of that person had now changed because of it. I was very defensive over the other worship leader, because what they had heard about them was gossip/slander.


 When we get there, the other worship leader is at a playground in the middle of the night working on it, he/she invites us over and we start. While the three of us are working on it I start to hear rabid parking. All of a sudden a beautiful fox comes out of the woods right into our midst and it’s barking rabidly with a sly Fox type aura, even smirking at me because I’m the only one that is paying attention to him. I even look up at the two worship leaders and I’m like “guys!?” Confused at why they aren’t paying attention. The fox lunges at me and latches onto my left hand. It is a painful deep, hard bite. I try to shake it off and shew it away but his clutch is deep and hard. He starts to mock me and tells me I can’t beat him because his clutch is too strong. Nobody looks up to help me. I know this thing is a problem. Finally I reach forward and and grab its front paw with my other hand. With difficulty I snap his paw, I can feel the bone snap. It was difficult to snap. The fox mocks me again as if I barely hurt him. He says “that won’t be much of a problem for me”, and curls his paw back. So I grab his back paw on the same side. I do the same and with much difficulty I snap it. He lets go and slowly begins to die. He is now staring at me with puppy ears and look as he has been defeated and begins to slowly fade out. I begin to weep uncontrollably because I didn’t want to hurt him. He was just a dog. But he was biting and attacking me and was going to move on to the other leaders working on the album. I had no choice. I felt such deep heartache, I even woke up crying. I can feel a deep sense of regret but because I really didn’t want it to come to this. I immediately heard in my spirit “catch the foxes that spoil the vineyard” and I remembered two instances I recently heard RP worship leaders/members mocking and/or gossiping about people. And how I felt I should say something but I didn’t. I then heard in my spirit, “If you don’t deal with this the album is at risk.”


I noticed the clock said 4:33am and I heard in my spirit “Song of Songs 4-3-3”. I said to myself, “there arent 33 verses in SOS 4”, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. But in the morning I remembered it again. And I thought to myself, “Maybe its not 4:33, maybe its 4:3 and he’s telling me to read verse 3 twice because of its importance.” The verse said this:


“Your lips are like a scarlet thread, and your mouth is lovely.” I heard the heartbroken, yet zealous and gentle voice of the Lord “Its because I value what you say.”






Dream # 2 Sara Delling

I dream a lot I remember my dreams and they're very vivid but I have never had a dream that was so clear that I could see details of items and things as if I was awake in real life. I was at a kitchen sink washing my hands and I looked out the window that was above the sink and I was in awe that probably 50 Woodland creatures had gathered in the yard deer bears rabbits raccoons and none of them were going after each other they were peacefully in unity gathered in the snow covered front yard. I moved to the side to get a better look out of a large sliding glass door. And they all just looked at me but suddenly something off to the side of me caught their eye and they all scattered and ran. I looked where they had looked and saw the most beautiful fox I've ever seen. It was larger than life probably the size of a medium dog. Had dark red hair with black tips to the hair strands. It came over and stood right in front of the sliding glass door I could see every hair on it every droplet of water on its fur. it was mesmerizing but what really had me hypnotized was the shimmery silver that was around the edge of the eyes kind of in the fur. I was completely hypnotized by it. then it open its mouth and I saw that it's tongue was made of the same shimmering silver. I woke up with the oddest feeling I was confused because the fox was so gorgeous and I almost Appreciated it because it's beauty but at the same time I was deeply disturbed by the tongue. Obviously the fox is the one that sneaks in and spoils the Vineyard. But the phrase a silver tongue person means someone who is eloquent and persuasive in speaking. The entire day after I woke up I kept feeling this urgency to figure out who is the silver tongue Fox




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